If the navigation lock at Bonneville Dam is down

They will not stop. They do not care about our Constitution. They do not care about the concept of fair play. It somewhere between half a million and a million troops. We talking here about 2,000 or 3,000 fighters, not particularly well equipped. So the Iraqi army has got to be able to hold Baghdad.

“It’s essentially the cork in the bottle for the whole rest of the system. If the navigation lock at Bonneville Dam is down, essentially the rest of the river system is down,” said Meira. Wheat exports were transported on the Columbia River in 2017, the latest year available, she said.

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Interesting debate. Some observations: The November report card sets a base line so that future goals can be set. Eliminate the Nov report and how do you set these goals or discover changes in effort or learning? There is a lot of finger pointing going on here.

Hello again Tony. I have some more questions for Sen Mc Cain. Isn it great to marry into big money family? How can he honestly say he has no conflict of interest when he knows the issues he votes on will directly affect his family wealth? How does he feel about the previous president (Bush 43) family involvement in the oil industry and watching record oil prices due directly to the former Presidents actions? I would be very intersted in learning how much both the Mc Cain and Bush families wealth increased since the stolen election of 1999.

We look at the patients as a whole, not as a heart, lung or renal patient. We endorse preventative medicine. As President Obama has stated, preventing costly diseases, such as diabetes, heart failure renal failure requiring dialysis, will save everyone a lot of money.

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