In running the first time for president in 1988

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, then Princess Elizabeth, and her husband Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, pose with their children, Prince Charles and Princess Anne, at Clarence House, the royal couple’s London residence, in this August 1951 photo. Elizabeth married the Duke of Edinburgh on the Nov. 20, 1947, and was proclaimed Queen in 1952 at age 25.

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cheap canada goose uk In an earlier political crisis for him, he was accused at law school by a fellow student of plagiarism on a test, whereupon he requested and received exoneration. In running the first time for president in 1988, he borrowed the language of a British politician as his own, once without attribution, was called on it, apologized and withdrew from the race. His wife, Jill, immediately recognized the peril of the allegation to the heart of her husband reputation and sense of honor. cheap canada goose uk

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