Increased risk means potential for a government take over

Carlson has a right to say whatever he wants but he doesn’t have a right to say it on the most watched cable channel in the country. He needs to go. Now.. Mrs Sandhu a photograph of the dead rodent lying in the spinach bag, producer Supafresh Salads proprietor Troy Cukrov apologised and gave an extensive explanation of what had happened.He said his business has extensive rodent traps throughout its farms and factory.are a family business that have been growing and processing salads in WA for nearly 20 years, Mr Cukrov posted in his reply, WAToday reported.grow and process over 40 tonnes of baby spinach leaf every week.have every possible inspection and prevention within our process. Our crops are grown in open fields.have rodent traps throughout our farms. We have insect agitators on our harvesters.

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