Market has changed completely with people now spending big

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Replica Hermes Bags Here a link to the full build is just your perception 50% crit chance is nothing if you don have really high crit damage (which i doubt) if you have around 30 40 crit damage that just means on average you deal 15 20% more damage per shot which is really low and can be done just by using 1 talent like on the ropes for example or just simply compensated lol while you can focus other attributes on defense to make you even more tankyI wasted hours trying to build better build with more crit oriented build but it just doesn work that great in every case unless you have combination of berserk + crit damage increase based on your armor depleted perk on your gun (forgot the name of perk)25% base crit damage is just to low in my oppinion and should be increased and that crit damage gun perk should get nerfed and i 100% sure of that. Having +200% crit damage + 100% weapon damage while having no armor is NUTS. I been unsing this combo with P416 and i was dealing 150k+ crits every other shot before last updateOn the Ropes is ridiculously easy to proc and will probably be looked at at some point Replica Hermes Bags.